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Official Name Principality of Hanzatia
Capital Hanzatya
Government Principality
Population 887,000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Kiswaili
Dominant religion Kiswaili Faith
Flag Flag Hanzatia.png

Hanzatia is a mixed dwarf and human realm that was founded on equal terms between the races, but has since drifted toward being dominated by humans, mostly by theirs faster population growth.

The realm is famous for its gem and crystal mines, which produced many of the best and largest in the world.

A mountainous realm, Hanzatia has seen its wars with gains and losses, but has never been conquered or defeated as the mountains are an impossible obstacle for any invading army and easy to defend.


The population of Hanzatia is now slightly more human than dwarven, though the proportions vary dramatically depending on where in the realm one is looking. In the mountains, dwarves are by far the majority and their traditional dwarven cities dot the landscape. Towards the lower areas, the edges of the realm, humans dominate with their towns and villages. Even when travelling the differences become apparent quickly, as villages begin to be more sparse and at the same time larger and more fortified, then make way for dwarven trading posts and towns.

There is also a considerable gnomish population within Hanzatia, in both the human and the dwarven areas. In some towns, they make up as much as 20% of the inhabitants, though around a tenth is the average.

While among the humans the Kiswaili culture is dominant, the dwarves of Hanzatia follow the Hill Dwarves traditions.


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Originally a dwarven realm only sparsely populated by other races, Hanzatia has a colorful history full of turns. Its oldest witnesses of ancient dwarven culture are the ancestor statues scattered all over Hanzatia, and a few in what is today other neighbouring realms. The Ancient Dwarf Statues can be found in other dwarven realms as well, but there they are rare sights, while in Hanzatia they are quite common - more than a hundred of them in different sizes, almost 20 giant ones, can be found within the realm.

When at the end of The Century of War a large number of realms met to find a diplomatic solution and peace, Hanzatia was among those who participated and were invited to join the proposed Empire of Vericum. Negotiations went on for two years and for the nobles of Hanzatia, too many of the original vision was lost in compromises and watered-down positions. While they did stay at the negotiations and welcomed peace, they refused to join the empire when it was founded. They did, however, manage to have the new empire sign a peace treaty with Hanzatia on its first day.

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 CapitalPopulationAreaRuled by
Hanzatya RegionHanzatya471,70036,264