From Dragon Eye Atlas

Type city
Elevation 633 m
Population 10100
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Dwarves
Dominant Religion Faith of Nesra
Realm Vericum
Province Horledia

Kipten is a small city located at the northern edge of the Tamera valley, close to the Kambeke river but so close to its spring that it is but a stream where the city is located. It is also one of the few self-sufficient cities in Auseka that is surrounded by miles and miles of fields and could feed itself if necessary.

The city is surrounded by several villages, especially towards the south, that are little more than farmstead outposts of Kipten and are under administrative control of the city, providing more food to it from the higher fields.

While humans are the most numerous citizens of Kipten, there is also a strong dwarven community of almost 3,000 as well as a thousand gnomes. The most influential culture is dwarvish, though the human population follows the Faith of Nesra and combines dwarven cultural customs with religious traditions. They tend to be very conservative in both aspects.

Kipten is not a wealthy city, with very little trade and only a small mining industry from a few small dwarven mines nearby, which is enough to supply what the city and nearby villages need, but leaves little surplus for trade.

The city and its surrounding are, however, in a fertile valley that provides abundant food and good harvests, and shelter from the elements with weather rarely being unpleasant. There may not be much wealth in Kipten, but its people are well-fed, happy and safe.