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Type city
Elevation 283 m
Population 10600
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Kiswaili
Dominant Religion Kiswaili Faith
Realm Palan
Province Akingea

Located along the Maldon river in the south-west of the Western Grasslands, Mekezisi is the largest city for miles and miles. The river is its liveblood in many ways, most importantly for trade and irrigation.

It is also the local seat of government, with Master Richard Thobocal residing in the city castle, though he is only there about half of the time. Unlike other lords of Palan, Thobocal takes an active interest in his province and capital city. Rumours have it that he often goes into the city under the disguise of powerful spells that change his appearance.


The two most important businesses within Mekezisi are trade and crafting. The city takes in raw materials both from surrounding villages and the river trade and turns them into tools, weapons, furniture, clothes and many other items. Traders then take them up and down the river to other cities and smaller towns.

The typical trade and crafting guilds control much of the local economy, though no single guild is powerful enough to become a force in local politics.

City Districts

The city is split into 5 inner districts, but has since outgrown the city walls and several outskirts districts have been added.

Inner Districts

The Ring

The area north of the Maldon is encircled on one side by the river and on the other by the city wall. It is home to some of the more wealthy craftsmen and traders of Mekezisi and has its own piers and small port area.

Troll Garden

The heart of Mekezisi today, Troll Garden used to be what Nighthall is today - the tavern and red light district at the edge of the city. But that was over two centuries ago and not much of that remains, except the name and some of the buildings. Today, the smallest inner district is bustling with shops, taverns and many of the upper-class craftsmen such as jewellers. The proximity to The Ring (and the only bridge within city walls) and the central location have turned this district around considerably.

The Arches

Port and trade district, with warehouses and port infrastructure along the river, while trading houses make up the southern part of the district, with the occasional trading post and inns catering mostly to merchants. The south-east end of this district consists of the Central Plaza, where markets, festivals and other large occasions are held.

Copper Knot

Home to the middle and lower class, with many simple crafting workshops and worker homes.

Old Town

The oldest part of Mekezisi, and the most diverse. You can find a bit of everything within the Old Town, from workshops and traders to guild houses, taverns. This is also where the Grand Temple of Mekezisi can be found, near its northern end of Old Town.

Map of Mekezisi in 67 AV, showing the city districts



Mostly living homes of servants working in The Ring, with the occasional craftsman for local needs such as cobblers.


This is where most cheese-makers and other dairy-related crafts can be found, as the east gate leads towards the largest grazing areas around Mekezisi


Originally a small roadside inn for those who missed the city gates closing, Nighthall is now a small district offering drinks, prostitutes and even the occasional gambling, though the place is too small to hide seriously illegal activities and typically gets away with just barely overstepping the socially and legally acceptable.

West Ward

And overspill of The Arches, mixed with wagon makers, stables and inns for those too cheap to enter the city (gate toll is 2 coppers a leg and 3 coppers a wheel, so bringing a two-axle waggon drawn by two horses or oxens into the city costs 28 coppers, while putting them into a stable in West Ward will set you back only 10 coppers day, or 15 with feed).


With execution hill being nearby, Noonend is a small collection of houses where torturers, executioners and similar shunned professions make their home, as well as a home for the insane.

Castle & Guily Park

Located on a small hill overlooking the city, the castle of Mekezisi has been standing for four hundred years. The north-east slope of the hill, towards the city, is covered by Guily Park, which serves as the recreation and leisure space for the castle's inhabitants.


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