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Type city
Elevation 7 m
Population 35000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Fonticia
Province Morcera Earldom

Morcera is the largest city within the Kingdom of Fonticia and capital of the Morcera Earldom province. It is a bustling port city and one of the most lawless and chaotic places within Auseka. Since much of the city is just a few metres above sea level, it has been repeatedly flooded, damaged and several times nearly destroyed by hurricanes, tsunamis and other evil that the goddess of the sea brings.

However, due to its proximity to several main shipping routes, its strategic location at the mouth of the Newleigh river and on the road network between south-east and central Fonticia, it has always been rebuilt and repopulated. In fact, in the last fifty years it has grown so much that some parts of the city are now built on piers or boats straight on the water.

Despite its growth and popularity, Morcera has never established a firm rule of the law and while it is formally ruled by Earl Alturo Galban, the earl and his family do in fact live in Caproliri, the earldom's secondary city.

The population of Morcera can only be guessed at under these conditions. It could just as well be a few thousand more or less.

The Lawless of Morcera

Only about a third of Morcera can be said to be safe and governed, with militia keeping the peace and normal business working as they do in other cities.

The majority of districts is in various states of anarchy, with militia visible occasionally and at best on the main roads. Several districts are entirely abandoned by the militia. Here, local gangs and crime bosses rule and have created their own sets of "laws". A few of those places are in surprisingly good condition, with even a semblance of municipal services in place. Other places are little more than slums fought over by street gangs.

Combined with the many trade routes passing through the city, Morcera is a haven for smugglers and illegal goods of all kinds and the saying goes that if you can't find it in Morcera, it doesn't exist.

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