Neamei City

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Type city
Elevation 75 m
Population 5200
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Elladan
Dominant Religion Faith of Nesra
Realm Vericum
Province Neamei

Neamei ist the capital of Neamei in the north of Vericum. It is a trade city with several market places and a large dwarven population due to its proximity to Ebronland.

Located within a fertile grasslands area a safe distance away from the Ardabur river which occasionally floods its banks during meltwater season and has created wetlands along its course, the city is small but prosperous and important beyond its size.

Close to a thousand dwarves live in Neamei, though many of them are traders who stay for a season or a year and then return to Ebronland, so there is a lot of coming and going in the dwarven quarters. Aside from the traders, there are also smiths and other craftsmen as well as taverns, inns and other shops primarily or exclusively for dwarves. (they are not officially exclusive, but the low ceiling height makes them uninviting to humans).

There are also a few hundred Gnomes in the city, who keep largely to themselves and provide additional crafts.

Trade flows southwards and eastwards from Neamei, as well as northwards into the dwarven realm of Ebronland. The Grasalia Main Road begins (or ends, depending on your perspective) in Neamei, but is only used in local trade to nearby areas, as Grasalia itself is too far away to make trade profitable.

Given the nature of the city as a trading center, foreigners are a common sight and the city has no less than six inns where travellers can rest (two of them in the dwarven quarters) as well as numerous taverns to spend the evenings.

The river port at the Scylbiapus river is busy most of the year, though the river can freeze over in cold winters, bringing trade along it to a halt. The city also has three gates, one in the west opening to the Grasalia Main Road, the main gate in the east opening to the Imperial High Road and a small gate towards the north used by peasants to access farmland and pastures.