Nul Kohldur

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Type city
Elevation 908 m
Population 3800
Dominant Race dwarf
Dominant Culture Hill Dwarves
Dominant Religion Dwarven Ancestors
Realm Hanzatia
Province Mobodia

Nul Kohldur is a very traditional small dwarven city deep in the mountains of Hanzatia. A single road connects it southwards to Sumbalan, Bhen Furum and onwards, while to the north only deep mountains await.

Like many of the traditional dwarven settlements, Nul Kohldur is mostly underground, with a statue guarding the entrance. Unlike most other cities, there is no trading post or human population above ground, in fact if you ignored the road and the statue, you could pass the city right by without even noticing it is there.

There are very few humans in the city, though it does have a gnome minority several hundred strong.

Nul Kohldur is based on mining and metalworking, like any good dwarven city ought to be, or so its inhabitants would say. The people of Nul Kohldur are exceptionally conservative, even among dwarves. They honour the old ways and little else.

The mine runs deep here, as do the inhabited levels. Fifteen floors of houses and workshop sprawl down from the entrance level (and three upwards). Thanks to its extensive Underground Farming, the city is close to self-sufficient and trades only some food, especially grain, with the nearby human villages.