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Vopna is riverside village in Akingea in Palan with a population of about 320.

Set along the Maldon river just downstream from Mekezisi, Vopna has both the river and the main road passing through and yet is not a trading center due to its close proximity to city.

The village is known for its picturesque location, surrounded by lush green hills and the sparkling waters of the Maldon river. The villagers of Vopna are a mix of farmers and fishermen, who make a living off the fertile land and the abundant fish in the river.

The houses in Vopna are made of timber and thatched roofs, with small gardens and orchards. The villagers have a reputation for their hospitality and friendliness, and often welcome travelers passing by the Maldon river or the road towards Mekezisi. The proximity to the larger city also allows the villagers access to its amenities and services, making Vopna a tranquil and peaceful village with the added advantage of being close to a city.

Overall, Vopna is a charming medieval village that has managed to preserve its traditional way of life while being close to the urban amenities and opportunities.