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Bortano is riverside village in Akingea in Palan with a population of about 230.

It lies at the south bank of the Maldon river, about 10 km to the south-east of the nearest town, Awaran, and about 25 km east of the local capital, Mekezisi.

The road connecting Mekezisi with the towns of Awaran and Burbahler as well as other places to the east, including the city of Mugyororo and running into Hanzatia runs through Bortano. But most trade and travel is via the river, which also connects most of these places.

The village center is located a few hundred metres away from the river, as it tends to flood its banks during spring when the snow in the mountains melts. Most of the buildings near the river, including all of the piers and port are built on stilts for the same reason.

Bortano is surrounded by temperate rainforest, and has fewer fields than other villages of this size. It actually purchases food from other villages up the river, while it cuts logs for the capital and places downriver. The village also earns on the traffic passing through, both by ship and on the road.