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Bukurum is medium-sized village in Ezland in Schap with a population of about 340.

The village has a rich history going back hundreds of years, but all of that was wiped away during the invasion of 43 AV when Schap conquered Ezland. Bukurum was used by the Fonticia army as a rallying point and as a consequence was wiped off the map when Schap forces defeated their southern enemies.

Unlike nearby Gimeon, however, Schap has since rebuilt Bukurum. However, the new settlers are all pious Ebronists from northern provinces and part of the Schap program to seed enough loyal and faithful peasants into Ezland to finally turn the province around and root out the Seogism that still prevails.

Today, the village is again a beautiful place filled with hardworking men and women tending to their fields and animals. It's just that none of them go back more than one generation in this place.