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Area 1240 km2
Population 16100
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Shwazen
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Schap
Capital Utwan

Ezland is a small province in southern Schap and the most religiously diverse area in the entire realm. Conquered from Fonticia in 43 AV, Ezland is still largely Seogism land, with only a third of its inhabitants converted to Ebronism or immigrants from other Schap regions.

The region used to have almost 25,000 inhabitants, but lost many of its people during the wars.

A mixture of grassland and forest, and with a long and relatively calm coast, Ezland is rich in agriculture, fishing and forestry. There are also wild horses in the northern grasslands, and several successful stables raise and train them, before selling them to the wealthy and officials all over Schap (and, according to rumours, via smuggling routes still into Fonticia).

While the capital Utwan was conquered by surrender after the devastating defeat in the Battle of Ezland, many of the towns and villages of Ezland were raided and burnt during the wars.

These days, raiders come from the south, from Fonticia, and its capital Fontico is only a hundred kilometres away. The road between Utwan and Fontico is one of the most heavily fortified and fought over roads in all of Auseka.

Points of Interest

Kipek Monastery


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