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Gimeon is ruined town in central Ezland in Schap with a population of about 120.

The town of Gimeon used to be a center for trade and craftsmen, but it was burnt down in 43 AV and has not yet been rebuilt. A good hundred or so survivors live in buildings that were only damaged or that they patched up, but most of those who survived the siege and razing by Schap forces have left and gone elsewhere, for fear of another raid in the future.

Before the invasion of Ezland, Gimeon used to have about 1500 inhabitants. It has a rough stone wall topped by wooden towers. Two gates lead north and south out of the town. A third gate, to the east, is nothing but rubble today. Coming from the south, the town appears deserted today, but it is the north that was hammered by siege engines. Much of the wall there is damaged or entirely broken, the gate house appears to be falling down any moment (but has in fact been standing for 20 years) and many of the houses near the wall are damaged by stray shots, including a notable house near the main road that had a 2-metre boulder crash through the roof and land in the living room, the force of the impact blowing out the doors and windows and making the scenery inside clearly visible.

The survivors live largely in the western part of the town, around a small square, where several houses were only slightly damaged. They took stones from other ruins to patch up the damage. They live poorly, with goats, sheep and chicken grazing in the overgrown ruins and a few fields and vegetable gardens both inside and outside the walls. Schap has largely ignored Gimeon since it razed it to the ground. Keep in mind that this is all Shwazen culture territory, so the road actually winds around the wall, with two previous waystations outside the north and south gates respectively. Both waystations are destroyed today. This Shwazen tradition, however, means that travellers and armies passing through do not have to actually enter the town. Since the streets inside are full of rubble, they generally pass it by.

As a consequence, Schap is either unaware or ignores the survivors of Gimeon, most of whom are old Ezland citizens or their offspring, and hold on to both the Seogism religion and the Fonticia loyalty of their fathers. Mentioning Scho Tu or the Patron of Schap won't make you friends in Gimeon.