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Area 1036 km2
Population 21200
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Elladan
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Vericum
Capital Oene Rite

Calanabia is an island-province and one of the easternmost points of Vericum. Its only city is also the capital, Oene Rite, an ancient place going back (according to legends) to Centaurs time.

The island is fairly isolated despite its central location. Major trade routes pass along the mainland coast instead of past the island, and no large cities are located vis-à-vis, with Apizicata being the closest large port.

Calanabia is one of the few places where the Elladan religion mixes with the Seogism religion, creating a unique cultural environment and very strongly united family units and other social groups.

Most of the island is temperate forest with above-average rainfalls, though towards the south-west the land turns into swamps.

Points of Interest