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Type city
Elevation 20 m
Population 17100
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Fonticia
Province Pestia
Ruled by Delannon

While Fontico is the capital of The Kingdom of Fonticia and seat of its government, it is only a medium-sized city by Fontician standards, and number eleven in size within the kingdom.

The city is located at the mouth of the river Tokley, and is less than 50 km from the northern border to Schap. Long ago, the border ran well over a hundred kilometres distant from the capital, and the city of Utwan and its surrounding province of Ezland were under Fontician control. These days, however, Fonticia finds its seat of government just two days of hard march away from a border that is not always friendly. As a consequence, the city is heavily fortified, with more fortifications along the river, at the bridge over the Tokley river and all along the road leading northwards.

Fontico is also a port city and a vital trade port between the north and south. Government and trade, officials and merchants, are said to be the backbone and blood of the city.

Since the conquest of Ezland, Fontico is one end of the East Fontician Trade Lane.

Fontico is an old city and it shows in its layout. The Old City is the inner part, housing about 5,000 people, the palace, guild houses and most other official buildings. It is surrounded by an old city wall, which in a few places has stones taken out for new buildings, is for the most part intact, though it is not manned anymore and the gates are open. Nevertheless, since the border to Schap has become so close, the damaged parts have been rebuilt and the wall is almost useable as a defense again, except for the fact that so many buildings of the New City are built right at the Old Wall. Within the new city, travellers will find almost no green - no trees or grass. All streets within the old city are cobblestone and cover the entire distance from building to building.

The New City is where Fontico grew beyond its original wall. It is surrounded by the second city wall, which is 12m tall and has round towers every 50-60 metres, with catapults on top. Its gate houses, especially the main gate towards the west, are massive and with multiple towers and gates. This wall is built to withstand a siege, and even though it has never been attacked, it is constantly maintained and manned. The city part between the two walls is the New City, which houses the remaining 12,000 or so people. There is still a bit space for growth in the New City, and a few parks indicate where the wealthy or nobles live. There is also the second palace of the royal family.

The Old City covers the central and eastern part of Fontico, the New City has grown mostly towards the west and south. The two walls never meet, but along the river there is a distance of only a hundred metres between them.

The port of Fontico is right next to the river mouth, extending around the bend so that it has a western part for river boats and an eastern part for ocean ships.

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