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Farmstead is an isolated farmstead in Colle in Biesen with a population of about 15.

And yes, it is indeed called "farmstead". About three generations ago, the place went through five families during two bad years, and since then the surrounding villages have decided that it is bad luck to use the name of whichever family resides there currently and are simply calling it "the farmstead", or just "farmstead".

The farmstead is nestled within a small clearing, surrounded by towering trees that seem to form a protective barrier around the humble abode. The farmhouse is a simple yet sturdy structure, made of weathered wooden planks and thatched roofing, giving off an air of rustic charm. The windows are small and covered with linen curtains that billow gently in the breeze, as if inviting me to take a closer look.

Around the farmhouse, the land has been cleared for farming, with rows of crops covering the area between the houses and the trees. A small barn stands off to one side. The farmstead is a self-sustaining community, with each inhabitant playing a crucial role in maintaining the farm's daily operations.

The few men tend to the fields, hoeing and planting crops, while the women take care of the farm animals, milking cows and shearing sheep.

Appearance in Other Games

Farmstead is one of the villages you can play in the Black Forest Computer Game.