Hanzatya Region

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Area 36264 km2
Population 471700
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Kiswaili
Dominant Religion Kiswaili Faith
Realm Hanzatia
Capital Hanzatya

The Hanzatya Region is a large province within Hanzatia that contains most of the dwarven towns of the realm. Nevertheless, the human population has slightly outgrown the dwarven population by now, making the Kiswaili culture and Kiswaili Faith dominant by numbers, while the Hill Dwarves culture and Dwarven Ancestors religion of the dwarves still dominate much of the official purposes, but are no longer the majority. There is also a minority that is of Elladan culture and Faith of Ikoyo religion, but it makes up less than a tenth of the population.

A little more than half of the region is forest, with grasslands making up a further third. Some wetlands mostly along the Kanafwabu river and higher altitudes with barren vegetation complete the picture of a very mixed and complex region.

The most unique feature of Hanzatya is that it is full of cities and has almost not towns or villages. The settlement structure of the region diverts from that of most other places in that the dwarves live in their underground cities and most agriculture is concentrated above and around them. With the dwarven cities being underground, they do not compete with their own fields for land. Most dwarven cities have a dozen or more smaller exits in addition to the main gates, through which farmers move above and straight into their fields. This way, unlike human cities, most of the dwarven cities can feed themselves.

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