Kabi County

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Area 2768 km2
Population 40600
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Kiswaili
Dominant Religion Faith of Ikoyo
Realm Palan
Capital Kabi

Kabi County is a province in central Palan, consisting mostly of forested hills. The region is the religious centre of the Faith of Ikoyo in Palan, and its capital Kabi is important both politically and religiously.

The province is about three-quarters deciduous forest, with tropical seasonal forest to its west and some areas of grassland and savanna in the north-east.

Trade is important in Kabi County, with Kabi itself being an important trade hub between the south and the north of Palan as well as the trade into Hanzatia. Agriculture, wood working, hunting, etc. are the other important elements of the local economy. There is no metal ore mined within Kabi County, but some smithing using ore brought down from Hanzatia supplies customers further to the south.

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