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Kido is the southernmost state of the United Provinces of Sila. Its capital Lodwe lies in the far south-west, bordering Palan.

The core province of Kido has only a population of 17000, but it is one of the strongest military states in Sila, and has held the border against Palan for two centuries against overwhelming odds, while expanding into the east and conquering Goubela, the island of Orithon, Djemisa and Acleeum as well as after two decades of battles from 137 BV to 126 BV defeating its rival of Tudat and also taking over their controlled lands Ouania and Lapheleia. These lands add about 191,000 souls to the area of influence that Kido controls.

Another remarkable thing about Kido is that while most of Sila is culturally Elladan or has Wild Elves influences, Kido is largely a Kiswaili culture, the only such province in Sila. This is true only for the actual Kido state, not its controlled provinces.

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