Kipek Monastery

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Like most monasteries in Ebronism, Kipek Monastery is also a castle and political centre. In fact, it was a castle long before it became a monastery. It lies across the Laufin river from the village of Kipek.

Built from 287 BV to 261 BV, the castle originally secured the northern Fonticia border. During the conquest of Ezland in 43 AV, it was besieged and ultimately taken after a sixteen week siege with magic and a midnight attack that caused massive losses among the attacking Schap forces, but eventually overwhelmed the defenders.

It has since been repaired and turned into a monastery.

Like most Shwazen castles, there is a waystation outside the front gate, about 100m away. There are stables, a small trade post and a guest house with 4 simple rooms sleeping 4 people each as well as a common room for ten. The monks in the castle will provide any traveller with a sleeping place for the night, a loaf of bread and a mug of beer free of charge, though only for one night. The villagers from nearby Kipek will direct travellers towards the monastery.