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Lium is a farming hamlet just off the Imperial High Road in Sumegaidau County (Vericum).

It has a population of around 140 people and unlike most similar villages, the inhabitants are quite unhappy about the High Road. It is due to their explicit resistance that the road does not pass through the village, but along its edge, and no inns or shops welcome travellers.

The place is a simple and poor one, with fields, goats and chickens running among dirty, overworked peasants. If you were looking for an example of poor farming hamlets, Lium would be a top contender.

There are no shops of any kind in the village, and the locals produce what they can by themselves. What they need to buy, they get from Memigot, other nearby villages or travelling merchants.

Secrets of Lium

Details not generally known and things that need to be discovered about Lium are hidden away at Secrets of Lium (visible only to registered users).