From Dragon Eye Atlas

Rovika is small village in Akingea in Palan with a population of about 80.

Rovika is located at a crossroads, seven kilometers from the bustling city of Mekezisi and the picturesque Maldon river. Surrounded by lush green grasslands, Rovika is a peaceful and serene place, known for its charming atmosphere and local traditions. The village is a mix of farmers and tradespeople, who make a living off the fertile land and the busy crossroads.

The village center is dominated by the local inn, which is famous for its delicious local beer. The inn is a popular spot for travelers and locals alike, who gather to share stories, enjoy a pint of cold beer, and taste the local cuisine. The inn has a large fireplace, a cozy atmosphere and a friendly staff, making it a great place to relax and unwind.

The houses in Rovika are small and simple, made of wood and silt. Each house is surrounded by a small garden, where the villagers grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. The village is also home to a small blacksmith, who produces high-quality tools and weapons that are known throughout the region.