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Stoseng is a small but fortified town and trading hub in the province of Cheor Land in Mun. It used to have a population of about 600, but has swelled to almost 800 with refugees of the Qualong Undead Invasion of 66 AV. Stoseng itself saw only isolated groups of undead in the later days of the invasion, which caused little trouble thanks to the palisade walls surrounding the town.

The town is wealthy and even has a small school run by a local scholar. Trade and cattle are the main sources of wealth with relatively large herds of cows grazing around the town and fewer fields than other nearby villages. Unlike Songat to the south, Stoseng is not run by its traders guild, but by a small council of elders. It helps both the prosperity and security of the town that two of the four elders, Wallach and Kallie Saggorn, are a retired adventurer couple who brought their fortune, their skills and their experiences to the village. Wallach is a Ranger with a few Druid levels (enough for basic healing magic) and Kallie is a Witchhunter with powerful countermagic.

The town's central square is the crossroads of the three roads meeting in Stoseng - the southern road leading to Tongil and on to Songat, the westward road towards neighbouring Nyeong and a number of smaller villages and the eastern road passing through Nabinong on its way towards the Ruins of Qualong.