From Dragon Eye Atlas

Songat is a trading and market place that has grown into a tiny town of about 350 permanent residents, though there are typically 40-50 merchants, travelling craftsmen and their entourage in the village at any given time. The village is part of Cheor Land in Mun.

While it houses a few farmers and craftsmen, Songat isn't self-sufficient. Merchants bring in a good portion of the food supply, which the town can pay for from the market rent it takes. The market square is large for a place this size and traders from both the north and the western villages meet here, as well as people of the Surenas tribe from the south. In fact, Songat is the primary trading spot for anyone wishing to trade with the wild folks, as few enter the province of Sasanguk themselves.

Next to the market square, is The Barrel Roll, the local inn where many of the traders and travellers spend the night. It is a two-storey building with the sleeping quarters on the second floor and a large common room on the ground floor. There is a second two-storey building also right at the market, which is the Trade Hall. It is smaller, but older than the inn and is the place where merchants can rent stalls in the market or trade directly with each other. It is also where the local traders gather, as Songat is ruled by its traders, courtesy of its history as a market place.

The town was attacked by undead during the Qualong Undead Invasion of 66 AV. Thanks to caravan escorts and the fact that it has a handful of armed men to keep the peace in the market, it could defend itself - unlike most of its neighbours - and suffered only minor damage to some buildings at the edges and to some fields. Nobody died, but a few fighters were wounded.