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Swinvale is a large village in Colle in Biesen with a population of about 220.

Map of Swinvale

Swinvale is located in a densely forested valley and surrounded by mountains, making the road running at the edge of the village the only reasonable way to reach the village.

Set in the mountains of southern Biesen, Swinvale is an isolated place. It was first settled hundreds of years ago as a lumberjack camp and very slowly grew into the size it is today, as the forest was cleared and more families settled. Swinvale was almost destroyed a century ago by orcs, but instead of vanishing, it grew faster once the ruins were cleared and the bodies buried.

Today, Swinvale has everything it needs to survive largely independently. There is a smelter and a mason, lumberjacks, fields and animals, a local herbalist to take care of the wounded or ill and other local services.

The nearest city is Cacicovevano to the north. The fortified village of Kroburg lies along the road to the north-west. Several hamlets and farmsteads are also along or near the road.

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Appearance in Other Games

Swinvale is one of the villages you can play in the Black Forest Computer Game.