Unhe Ichon

From Dragon Eye Atlas

house Ichon
born 16 AV
died (alive)
father Domend Ichon
(3 BC JL - 24 JL)
mother Sagia Eglenwad
(? - ?)
sex male

Lord of Cheor Land and one of the most influential people in Mun, Unhe is the closest advisor and trusted ally of Duke Ilgyo III.

Unhe followed his father to the lordship when he was but 10 years old and for the first three years, the land was in chaos as the young lord spent all his energy on finding those who had poisoned his father and whoever was behind it. As the culprits were never found, it must be assumed that they were among those who fled Mun during these years.

After his arranged marriage to Sagia Eglenwad, the young lord began to calm down and became a capable and respected statesman, ruling the largest province of Mun with a strong but able hand. Today, tempered by decades of experience, he is widely seen as one of the most capable lords of the realm.

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