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The Dramyri flows from Ebronland into the western ocean, through Lahralutra County in northern Njombia and the elven realm of Oujda.

It can be used by river boats westwards of the Grasalia Main Road, after the Tanousanou joined it. East of that point, only small boats can navigate the two rivers.

It then flows through the city of Lahralutra, the only city directly adjacent to it. It then runs into elven territory, though its mouth is again in Njombia, in the province of Ousabar, just south of Mardayt.

The river is wide and calm between Lahralutra and for most of the elven lands, but its last hundred or so kilometres become more narrow and are full of rapids and hidden rocks. Towards the end of its journey, it also floods the river banks from time to time - not often enough to create marshes, but just enough to dissuade the humans of Ousabar from building directly on its banks.