Lahralutra County

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Area 356 km2
Population 17500
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Forest Elves
Dominant Religion Elven Gods
Realm Njombia
Capital Lahralutra
Ruled by Njagwe Eschasi

Lahralutra County is a city-state province in Njombia. Its capital is Lahralutra. It has a total population of about 17500, most of which live in the capital.

The province has an elven-inspired culture despite being inhabited mostly by humans and bordering the dwarven kingdom of Ebronland. Much of it used to be settled by elves, who retreated slowly into Oujda over the centuries. There are still a few elven villages and ruins of more of those within the county.

The northern border, towards the elven realm of Oujda is not clearly marked, or rather: The elves of Oujda do not care much for human markings. The mostly elven villages at the northern edge consider themselves sometimes part of Lahralutra County and Njombia and sometimes part of Oujda. Such is the fickleness of the elves.

Lahralutra County is heavily forested, only south of the Dramyri river are grasslands, which are more steppe than arable land and of limited fertility. However, the forest is rich and dense and provides plenty of both food and resources. While Lahralutra County as a whole and the capital especially is a net food importer, it could survive just barely by itself if need be.

Especially towards the north, the forest still shows clear signs of Elven Agriculture and is rich and fertile. Only the proximity of the elves of Oujda prevents extensive exploitation.

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The Njagwe tribe rules over Lahralutra County and Principal Njagwe Eschasi governs both the city and the countryside. However, unlike the neighbouring Nanalanda Territory, the Njagwe are not the dominant majority. The Insiza tribe is more numerous than the Njagwe, just shy of an absolute majority by numbers thanks to several smaller tribes, together just under a thousand people (about 5% of the population) and about half that number in elves. The interesting detail about the elves of Lahralutra is that none of them formally belong to neighbouring Oujda. They apparently just feel comfortable living close to their brethren, rather than in the heart of some human kingdom.

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 Settlement typePopulationRuled by
Lahralutracity12,500Njagwe Eschasi