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Hinag is medium-sized village in Basco in Biesen with a population of about 190.

Aside from the typical farming and hunting, Hinag has two unique attractions that bring in villagers from nearby areas and even the occasional visitor from Casuvo or Saronale.

First, a monument to commemorate soldiers of all ages whose sacrifices have protected the area and the people was arrected here on a mound two decades ago. It has been sanctified in the name of Aditos, the god of honor. Every element of the monument was crafted and created with materials from local suppliers, ensuring this monument is rooted in the community.

Second, Hinag is the home of Adalg the smith, an excellent craftsman who has no equal in all of Basco. His family has lived in Hinag for seven generations, and though he would easily do good business in any of the nearby towns, or even in a city such as Perne or Gallupo, he refuses to move and would rather work in his home village on shovels and cart axles than in a city on breastplates and chandeliers. He is frequently visited by adventurers and mercenaries for his repair work or even to commission new weapons or armour.