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Area 720 km2
Population 5500
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Koryo
Dominant Religion Koryo Beliefs
Realm Hampy

Yeoguk is an island and small province and the western-most point of the realm of Hampy. It shares a name with the tiny Yeoguk Swamp on the Fontician coast.

The island has a single port town and a number of villages and hamlets. The town of Freyl is not, however, the seat of government as that lies in Spetla Castle.

Most of Yeoguk is swamps and wetland, and is regularly flooded by ocean salt water, as much of it lies barely above the high tide water level. Only the south-west part of the island, which is slightly higher (the highest points on the island are about 60m above sea level) and where some tropical rainforest has taken hold.

Like nearby Makkaha, Yeoguk has also never converted to Seogism, but is still rooted in the ancient Koryo Beliefs.

Points of Interest