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Type city
Elevation 700 m
Population 12500
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Forest Elves
Dominant Religion Elven Gods
Realm Njombia
Province Lahralutra County
Ruled by Njagwe Eschasi

Lahralutra is a large city in the Kingdom of Njombia that strikes every visitor as highly unusual. Despite the majority of its population being human, elven influences are everywhere, from the architecture to the food.

The city is located in the far north corner of Njombia and has closer relations to the elves of Oujda than any other human settlement. It also has an unusually large elven minority, especially for a city this size - Lahralutra is the 3rd largest city within Njombia. It is also the northernmost city.


The city is actually divided into two parts by the Dramyri river, which flows straight through its center. The southern part is more prosperous and the preferred location of the nobility and wealthy citizens, while the northern part is mostly workers and military quarters. The cities two cemeteries are also north of the river.


The wealth of the city is largely based on trade, and with a river connection into Ebronland and its dwarven mines and smiths as well as a road into elven Oujda as well as a dozen traders with permissions to enter that realm, Lahralutra is the source of many valuable goods for northern Njombia. Most goods are transported by boats downriver until the road to Nanalanda is reached, because the Dramyri flows into elven territory beyond that.

The city also profits from forest industry in the nearby area, and elven agriculture in the northern villages.