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Apsalere is a hamlet at the Phonas - Volgen road, about 6 km west of the Gleyre bridge. It is part of Mea.

The hamlet consists of a dozen buildings, one of them a tiny temple and village hall, the others living houses. Nestled in the forest, there is only a small ring of fields around the village, not enough to sustain even the few people (population 150) living here, who also gather berries, fruits and nuts in the forest as well as meat - two trappers have the permission to catch a fixed number of rabbits and deers. This is a source of limited wealth for the village as more than half of their catch is traded with nearby villages and inns for other meat and food. A lumberjack provides the local people with building material and firewood, and slowly expands the circle of fields over the years.

The hamlet is otherwise unremarkable, peaceful and a true backwater place.

There is no inn or tavern in the hamlet, and travellers continue to the Ruined Inn, which is 5 km east.