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Area 15788 km2
Population 153000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Faith of Nesreyrar
Realm Vericum
Capital Nauphina

Artia is a mixed province full of interesting sights. There are forests of all kinds, from taiga cornifers and temperate deciduous to rainforests. There are also marshes and swamps, and even a few hundred square kilometres or grassland. The province reaches from mountains in the north, with elevations of over 2000 metres, to the Bay of Finos in the south. The land is dominated by hills and mountain slopes. It also encloses the province of Akroima within itself.

Population and culture of the area are likewise mixed, with the Tallian culture being dominant, but about a third of Elladan cultural influence, and a strong dwarven population with their own dwarven culture that also has some influence on the humans in Artia.

By religion the Faith of Nesra dominates, though unregistered minorities exist and, of course, the dwarves are not registered as religious at all.

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Points of Interest

One of the lost Dragon Eyes is rumoured to be somewhere in the swamps of Artia.