Dragon Eyes

From Dragon Eye Atlas

The largest, strongest and most magical precious gems in the world. When dragons die, their eyes turn into gemstones with time. These stones are so hard that no known technique or force is able to break them or even scratch them. They are also the only stones that have no known upper limit for mana storage.

No one is quite sure under which circumstances this process happens or how long it takes. It has never been recorded or witnessed, but is widely believed to take decades, if not centuries.

There are only five known dragon eyes in the world, though many rumours about additional gems can be found.

  • Two eyes are in Palan, one in the central ritual chamber in Wunderoro, the second is in the hands of the Council of Twelve, but its location is unknown to those outside the council.
  • One eye belongs to the Emperor of Vericum and is in the imperial palace in Aenenus. It is used by the imperial court mages.
  • Another eye is known to be in Fonticia in the hands of either the king or the royal court wizard. Its precise location is unknown.
  • The last eye is in the Hampy town of Chang right at the Aluraba border. It is located at the heart of a Seogism temple and is enchanted with strong countermagic, creating an anti-magic field that engulfs the town and nearest fields.

Some rumours include:

  • An eye is said to belong to the Patron of Ebronism, though the priesthood denies such tales.
  • The dwarves of both Alheimia and Ebronland are rumoured to possess several eyes, collected over many centuries.
  • Likewise, the neighbors of every elven nation are convinced that the elves have at least one, possibly several, dragon eyes.
  • One eye is rumoured to be lost in the swamps of Artia, said to have been in the possession of an adventurers' party that perished in the swamps a century ago.

There are also persistent rumours that various kings or guilds are keeping fresh dragon eyes - not yet turned to gemstone - in their vaults and are waiting for them or experimenting with them so that one day they might possess a useable dragon eye. So far, these are but rumours and no known dragon eye stone has emerged from such sources.


As far as can be known, the dragons themselves do not seem to care about dragon eyes, one way or the other, at least as far as anyone knows. They are quite famous for making it known when they are unhappy about something humans do - usually by torching a few villages.