Dogam Keep

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Dogam Keep is one of the largest and strongest fortifications in all of Auseka, even though it is still partially under construction.

Construction started in 46 AV as the first of eight keeps that the late King Ledwig had ordered along the border from the dwarves of Alheimia after Schap had conquered the Ezland province in 43 AV.

Dogam Keep is just 3 km from the border, within sight of it, and the old road that connects Utwan and Fontico (but is rarely used these days) passes through its outermost ring. Three rings make up the keep, with a final inner keep at the centre. All three rings are finished, but the towers of the innermost ring are still being built.

At least 300 troops are stationed within Dogam Keep at all times, and during spring and summer, another 400 to 600 are typically camped outside, always ready for a Schap invasion.

Despite being so young, Dogam Keep already stood through two sieges. The first, in 56 AV found the keep half-built and the unfinished outer wall was quickly overrun. The defenders held the middle wall for two days before retreating to the third and final wall, where they held for two weeks until reinforcements from Fontico and Etiania Castle arrived and dispersed the invaders. The second siege in 63 AV found the outer walls finished and while Schap surrounded the keep and promised everyone inside would die of hunger, again forces from the south relieved the castle after about two weeks.