Janguk Island

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Area 32 km2
Population 100
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Koryo
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Vericum

The island of Janguk is the most isolated and remote part of the Empire of Vericum, located at the south of the inner sea.

Formerly uninhabited, Vericum set up a military outpost and resupply port on Janguk in 19 AV in its efforts to hunt the pirates that pester the trade route terminating in Gwang, who often hid along the north-eastern coast of the island of Satyonga located to the south.

Janguk, not to be convinced with Janguk, the province on the west coast of Hampa, is a wet, miserable, inhospitable place. It is flooded by ocean water in almost every storm and salt marshes are the entirety of the local ecosystem. Nobody has ever tried to settle the island, and even the military outpost that Vericum set up has not managed to grow enough food to supply itself.

Points of Interest