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Jinan is a medium-sized village in on the island of Makkaha in the province of Gwalm in Hampy with a population of about 240.

The village is located in a temperate forest valley surrounded by rainforests, which makes it easier to cut clearings for fields. Indeed, Jinan is very rural with livestock and fields all around, easily supplying its population and then some. Thanks to the nearby Wizardry Academy, magical healing and an occasional blessing are more easily available than in other places, making life for the peasants relatively comfortable.

The remote location of Jinan limits trade and exchange with other places. Once every few week a travelling merchant or craftsman makes an appearance, but most of the time the cluster of Jinan, Seuguc and Jijeon complement each other.

In this conglomerate, Jinan has two tailors and three shoemakers, who supply all three villages as well as the inhabitants of the Academy. There is also a master carpenter in Jinan who occasionally supports the less experienced carpenters in the other villages.