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Area 1340 km2
Population 16900
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Koryo
Dominant Religion Koryo Beliefs
Realm Hampy

Gwalm is a province in Hampy covering the eastern tip of the island of Makkaha.

While there are several towns in Gwalm, none of them is its capital. In fact, the province has no capital, and no local government. Despite this and the fact that it is often called a place of anarchy, the people of Gwalm consider themselves subjects of the Hampy.

The land is wild, made up of rainforest, a few coastal swamps and a sliver of tropical seasonal forest. Battered by storms and winds, it still has its beautiful sides.

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Local Politics

For the people of Gwalm, the true expression of the republic is the village Ding, which is a kind of local parliament or governing body that has two primary tasks: Make decisions that affect the community as a whole, and hand out tasks related to implementing those decisions. The had of each household in the community will attend the Ding where decisions are made by popular vote, though it is rare that the votes are actually counted. More commonly, decisions are made with a strong majority and are clear enough for all present to agree. If something needs to be done to implement the decision, the Ding will also decide who is responsible for doing it. For example, a village Ding could decide to dig a new well, and a few men will volunteer themselves or their sons for doing the actual work, and then so it is decided.

Points of Interest

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