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Type city
Elevation 18 m
Population 3200
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Fonticia
Province Cantovillino Territory
Ruled by Manuel Jaccoud

Miniana is a small port city in the south of Fonticia, within the province of Cantovillino Territory. Located near the ocean trade route that runs along the inner sea and connects to Hampa not far east of Miniana, as well as roads leading deeper into Fonticia, trade dominates the economy of the city, and both the traders and the craftsmen guilds are powerful political players.

Miniana is also located between the Tallian and Koryo cultural spheres, and both can be found within the city, creating a multi-cultural melting pot. The gnomish minority (about 300) and a small dwarven minority (just under 100) adds to the diversity that is unusual for a city of such small size.

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Trade Connections

Miniana is connected by road to the nearby towns of Avoren in the south and Bluatt in the north. By sea, Morcera and Cheon are the most important trade partners, and the nearby fishing villages of Levart, Dillach and Drasier sell on the Miniana fish market regularly. Nearby inland villages supply most of the grain, vegetables and meat that Miniana needs. While the city has some fields and farms outside its walls, these by themselves could feed at most a fifth of the population.

Trade ships also arrive from Hampy, Vericum and even Schap, but rarely - Miniana is too small for the large trade ships to stop.