Cantovillino Territory

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Area 14076 km2
Population 223000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Fonticia
Capital Cantovillino

The Fontician province of Cantovillino is located at the southern coast of Fonticia and runs along the Birford river.

The capital Cantovillino is located in the center of the territory, near the river Colfe, a tributary to the Birford.


The Cantovillino Territory the Hampy exclaves on Fonticia's south coast, namely the provinces of Gwangora, Sasan and Yeoguk Swamp. Its major Fontician neighbours are Morcera Earldom and Sanzara to the east, Rocca Land and Cotria to the west and Telamiglia to the north. It also connects to the smaller provinces of Valeja, Gujwamguk and Conteresenaz and it has a small border with Cicia.


Most of Cantovillino is flat, with gentle hills and the land raising up towards the north. Forests dominate the province, except for the extended swamps in the south-west. Towards the northern and higher altitude of Cantovillino, deciduous forest dominates, while the warmer and lower south is mostly temperate rainforest.

Culture & Religion

The territory is dominated by the Seogism religion, with barely noticable minorities of Koryo Beliefs and followers of the Faith of Nesra scattered around, almost all of which can be found in either the capital or the port city of Miniana.

Culturally, Cantovillino is Tallian, with the Koryo culture taking over towards the very south.

Points of Interest


 Settlement typePopulationRuled by
Minianacity3,200Manuel Jaccoud