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Area 22640 km2
Population 283000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Elladan
Dominant Religion Faith of Nesra
Realm Vericum
Capital Neamei

Neamei is a province at the northern edge of Lake Erisai and part of the Empire of Vericum. It borders the dwarven Ebronland to the north and has the Imperial High Road running through it. The province is named after its capital, Neamei City.

As the founding place of the Faith of Nesra and the birthplace of its prophet Nesra, Neamei is a stronghold of the faith, with other religions practically non-existent.

Geographically, it is a diverse region, with close to half of its lands grasslands, another third plus a bit of temperate deciduous forest and some temperate rainforest near the mountains as well as some swamps and marshes mostly along the rivers. The altitude reaches from around 200m above sea level at the shores of Lake Erisai up to around 2000m in the northern mountains.

Culturally, the Elladan culture dominates Neamei, with a strong dwarven influence.

Trade is an important part of the economy in Neamei, with dwarven ore and goods coming down from Ebronland, mostly by river but also by the northern road. Neamei City is an important market for these goods as well as items sold to the dwarves. In fact, the city might have one of the largest dwarven quarters in the world, though exact counts have never been made and the number of dwarves in the city fluctuates constantly with only some having made it a permanent home. From here, goods are transported along the Imperial High Road both east- and southwards, and the road is dotted with inns and smaller markets selling travelling supplies all throughout the province.

A second trade route is along the Scylbiapus river from Neamei City, then southwards with the Ardabur, running parallel to the High Road, and into south-eastern Vericum or the last part on the road to Styphe and then loaded unto boats that cross Lake Erisai.

Even though the Grasalia Main Road begins in Neamei, it is not a major trade route as the overland distance into the north is too long for any trade to be profitable.

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 Settlement typePopulationRuled by
Neamei Citycity5,200