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Schramberg is small village in Colle in Biesen with a population of about 60.

Schramberg is a lovely, tiny village full of friendly, content and simple people, located in the Black Forest.

It was founded seven generations ago when Johann Berger, second son of his father, decided to make his own fortune. He set out along the road and found a clearing with fertile ground. No river or stream nearby, he dug for water, and found it. The well is still the center of the village today. With his wife Esma, he built the first farm and started to enlarge the clearing for more fields. They soon hired a few farmhands, with promises of their own huts and farming land, and over the years, Schramberg grew into the village it is today. It is a good place to live, with fertile fields and lush forest all around. The only complaint of the villagers is that the weather can be difficult sometimes, and the forest wildlife in the area is quite aggressive, which is why the villagers have begun building a wall around the village.

The local infrastructure is minimal, aside from the well there is a lumberjack, a few fields, chicken and goat pens. There are no shops or taverns in Schramberg.

Schramberg Map.png

Appearance in Other Games

Schramberg is one of the villages you can play in the Black Forest Computer Game.

It is also the map used for the tutorial story mission.