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Area 1 km2
Population 640
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Surenas
Dominant Religion Surenas
Realm Mun

Sasanguk is a province in Mun. There are no towns in Sasanguk and it therefore has no capital. It has a total population of just 640 peasants in 3 villages.

The province is the last area where the Surenas tribe still lives, about half of them in the villages and the other half in nomadic groups throughout the rainforest, where they set up temporary camps for a few months before moving on. Both the tribes themselves and the officials of Mun have no counting of the nomadic tribe members.

While formally part of Mun, the province has no actual government and pays taxes only on trade. A few Surenas young are recruited into the Mun military, but other than that the region is largely as it has been for a thousand years.


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