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Official Name Vanital
Capital none
Government none
Population 4,000
Dominant Race elf
Dominant Culture Ancient Elves
Dominant religion Elven Gods

Vanital is a realm without territory, a leftover of the ancient world before The Sinking of Pandongia. Its former lands are now submerged under the inner sea, and while a few islands may have been mountain tops of those lands, the elves of Vanital never pressed any claims to them.

For the sake of memory and to not make their brothers and sisters entirely homeless, all the elven countries recognize Vanital as an elven realm until today. The dwarven realms of Ebronland and Alheimia will also accept "Vanital" as a valid answer when a traveling elf is asked for his origin.

Less than a thousand of the original inhabitants of Vanital are left. Their children do inherit their nationality, however, and rarely, once or twice a century, someone who has made a special impact on keeping the memory of the Ancient Elves is given honourable citizenship.


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