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House Secamur is an old and respected noble house of Vericum, originally from the old realm of Olmadmun. The traditional family seat is Eplios.

Earl Andrew Richard Secamur became a surprise candidate in the final stages of negotiations at Castle Phonas during the Founding of the Empire and was proclaimed Richard I, Emperor of Vericum.


The Secamur family goes back half a millenium. Barnard Secamur distinguished himself in the service of King Fuchies of Olmadmun and was knighted in 416 BV. His grandson, Karles Secamur married Aethelinda Zimolo, and was raised to an Earl in 379 BV.


For five generations, the Secamur family tended to a small holding near Ibawak, which at that time was part of Olmadmun. When the area was lost in the War of Thorns in 298 BV, the family moved to Eplios, the family seat of the Riviere family into which their eldest daughter Roseia had just married. The two families grew close and several marriages between them solidified their union. In 225 BV, the Riviere main line ended with their last daughter marrying Geffero Secamur, her parents having remained otherwise childless. The Secamur family received Eplios and has controlled it ever since.

When Andrew Richard became Richard I he moved his household and family to Aenenus, the agreed-upon capital of the newly founded Empire. He left Eplios to his younger brother, Liudolf.

The family could not profit from Richard's success. Intrigues quickly began to dominate the court of Aenenus and after Richard's death in 18 AV, all Secamurs left the capital and returned to Eplios.

Notable Members

Andrew Richard Secamur29 BC JL18 JL
Gillot Ansilus Secamur52 BC JL8 BC JL
Jellrich Andrew Secamur10 BC JL26 JL
Liudolf Secamur27 BC JL27 JL