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Official Name Alheimia
Capital Grengen
Government Monarchy
Population 217,000
Dominant Race dwarf
Dominant Culture Eastern Mountains
Dominant religion Dwarven Ancestors
Flag Flag Alheimia.png

Alheimia is a dwarven realm in the Eirkada Mountains, which is beginning to have a more mixed demographics with humans settling above ground more and more, populating the dwarven trading posts and in some places even forming the majority already.

Below ground, Alheimia is deeply traditional, full of mines and plagued by goblins and, in the northern parts of the realm, orcs.

It has peaceful relations to most of its neighbours, with the exception of Schober, a province in southern Schap, whose lord keeps a blood feud against the nearby dwarves alive to this day, allegedly to avenge his grandfather, though he most likely has his eyes on the wealth of the dwarven mines.


Unlike human realms, Alheimia does not have provinces. Dwarves care little for who claims which part of above ground land. Mining claims, tunnels, cities and other underground constructions, however, are clearly defined and divided.

The Eastern Mountains dwarves value independence over everything else, and thus every city has its own king, with a dwarven High King leading the entire country, though his power over the lower kings is more ceremonial than actual, and it is his personality and wisdom more than legal authority that makes the others follow his words.


Originally a dwarven realm with small human and gnome minorities, Alheimia has become more of a mixed realm over the last centuries. Humans, especially, are settling more of the valleys and highlands of the realm, often around the above-ground dwarven trading posts, expanding them and adding satellite villages.

In general, however, the mountains are sparsely populated, both above and below ground. Dwarven cities are both less frequent and smaller than in other dwarven realms, and often smaller. Even the capital, Grengen, would be a town by other realms' standards.

This pattern is repeated above ground. Distances between villages are larger and sizes of villages smaller than in most realms, and there is a backwater countryside feeling to the entire realm.


Mining, stonemasonry and farming, both above ground and Underground Farming, are the main economic activities within Alheimia, with a solid mix of other activities and crafts, just enough to supply the population with everything needed.

The realm is relatively poor by dwarven standards, as the mountains are filled with ores but few gemstones and almost no gold or silver veins. This adds to the impression of a downtrodden, remote area where most things are made from stone and metal (though above-ground, human settlements use wood as well).

But that is by dwarven standards. Compared to human realms, Alheimia is prosperous. Famines are very rare and happen only during the longest winters, tools of all kinds are plentiful and cheap, and the export of raw metal as well as manufactured goods such as tools, weapons and armour brings enough foreign goods, trade and currency into the realm to allow even its poor citizens a secure and comfortable existence.


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 CapitalPopulationAreaRuled by
Pontegio CountyPontegio4,600156