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Palan883 BC JLFounding of Palan
Palan677 BC JLPalan becomes a Magocracy
Ebronism649 BC JLfirst year of the first age of the Ebronist calendar
Fonticia580 BC JLFounding of Fonticia
Council of Twelve508 BC JLPalan ruled by the Council of Three
The Battle of the Broken Heart474 BC JL
Ebronism442 BC JLConvent of Ebron
Secamur416 BC JLBarnard Secamur knighted, starting Secamur noble line
Secamur379 BC JLSecamur family raised to Earldom
Council of Twelve301 BC JLPalan ruled by the Council of Twelve
Secamur298 BC JLSecamur family lost Ibawak, moved to Eplios
Secamur225 BC JLRiviere line ended
Forest of Torment215 BC JLbattle of Taghassif
War of 189-188 BV189 BC JLwar of 189-188 BV between Fonticia and Schap
Ebronism156 BC JLConvent of Onister
Mahuman Hereticals141 BC JLMahuman hanged for heresy
Lighthouse of Saiar108 BC JLdiscovery of the Dungeon of Saiar
Bytria93 BC JLCease fire between Ephegeum and Bytria
Assassination of King Fernando II93 BC JLKing Fernando II of Fonticia assassinated
Lighthouse of Saiar83 BC JLearthquake of 83 BV
Sumegaidau Mine81 BC JLSumegaidau Mine flooded
Cyrinia72 BC JLsurrender in 72 BV
Meleamia72 BC JLsurrender of Cyrinia
Deracussa69 BC JLSiege of Deracussa
Cowing Castle69 BC JLSiege of Cowing Castle
Sila67 BC JLSila Peace Talks
Founding of the Empire1 JLEmpire of Vericum founded
Coughing Death14 JLCoughing Death
Famine of 16 AV16 JLFamine of 16 AV
Secamur18 JLSecamur imperial rule ended
Sumegaidau County22 JLSumegaidau County split off from Acebdenia
Ruins of Kotera24 JLrazing of Kotera
Ezland43 JLEzland conquered by Schap
Gimeon43 JLburning of Gimeon
Lighthouse of Saiar46 JLDungeon of Saiar fully explored
Dohelrus52 JLdiscovery of the Dungeon of Dohelrus
Vericum61 JLFlorencius Bernstein crowned Emperor Florencius I of Vericum
Qualong Undead Invasion66 JLQualong Undead Invasion
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