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Type city
Elevation 0 m
Population 3200
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Koryo
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Hampy
Province Gwang Island

The capital of Gwang Island is a surprisingly small city, more of a town in fact. While its harbor is that of far larger cities, the small amount of arable land in the vicinity makes supplying a larger population impossible.

The city is located on a few kilometres of solid ground between the wetlands to the west and the Masiston river to the east, with a single road connecting it to the rest of the island.

Much of Gwang is built on stilts as the land is barely above sea level and gets flooded once or twice a year on average either by a storm pressing the sea water inland, or by the Masiston swelling after heavy rain.

Nevertheless, Gwang is located on one of the few spots on the island suitable for a deep-water port, and an important stop on the long journey across the inland sea. With trade routes going eastwards to the larger Hampa island and Hampyan Republic, westwards to southern Vericum and Sila, and northwards to eastern Vericum and Fonticia, Gwang is a melting pot of different cultures, religions and ethnicities despite its modest size. In fact, it is the only city in Auseka where four religions - Seogism, Koryo Beliefs, the Faith of Nesra and the Faith of Ikoyo - co-exist, with their shrines, priests, institutions and followers all tolerating each other, at least most of the time.

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