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Official Name Hampyan Republic
Capital Gyeogsong
Government Republic
Population 1,599,000
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Koryo
Dominant religion Seogism
Flag Flag Hampy.png

The Hampyan Republic is an island realm in the south-east of Ausaka, mainly on the island of Hampa.

The south-east being subject to storms and tsunamis, and the higher grounds of Hampa being the domain of the Aluraban elves, the people of the republic, typical for the Koryo culture, have adapted to constant danger and have over the years, by costly trial and error, figured out how to best survive those natural disasters. Many of the laws and regulations are in place to ensure everything is ready for the next such event, and a special set of rules, the Storm Law comes into effect when disaster strikes.

Hampy shares the main island of Hampa with Mun and Aluraba. Both relations are strained. There are also coastal settlements won from the Kingdom of Fonticia, which have remained a part of the republic this far, with strong cultural ties. The nearest Fonticia villages might be closer by distance, but are so much more far by culture.


The Hampy are sturdy people, used to hardships and wresting a livelihood from the not always cooperative sea. They are brown-skinned and tanned by both sun and sea. Especially on the eastern coast, there is a shine in their eyes and their words that comes from looking out to the sea every day, knowing that there is nothing but endless ocean there.

There are big differences between the coastline exposed to the ocean, mostly the eastern shores, and that exposed only to the bay, which is much more calm and friendly. The people at the ocean coasts stay away from the sea, which every few generations swells up and swallows everything built too close and too low. There are isolated ports along the coast for fishing boats and trade, built fast and simply and not constructed or expected to survive very long. The actual towns and villages are mostly inland, on hills or slopes as much as possible. On the bay coasts, there are ports, fishing villages and more of a typical naval culture. The same divide is found upon the smaller islands, depending on whether the island is exposed to the ocean or the bay.


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On the southern shores of Hampa, the Duchy of Mun seperated from Hampy during the formation of both realms from the old Tores Khaganate. Relations between the two realms have experienced all points on the spectrum over the many years of shared history, from open war to several short-lived alliances during The Century of War. In the past decades, an uneasy peace has prevailed. Both realms occasionally accuse each other of supporting piracy, which is a serious problem in the southern bay. There are also regular bureaucratic hurdles at the borders, with tariffs suddenly raising sharply without prior announcements or surprising additional conditions on regulations for crossing the border.

The elven realm of Aluraba is a different story. When humans arrived on Hampa about five millenia ago, the elves had already been there for ages, and unlike on the continent, they have never been driven back. In the beginning, humans and elves lived peacefully near each other, as the elves had no interest in the coastal areas. The humans were soon to find out why. The friendliness that the elves had shown to the humans settling on the coast turned into brutally efficient hostility as soon as those humans entered the mountain forests of the inner lands, fleeing from the waters flooding the coast or pushing there as colonists due to growing population. The elves cared little for the reasons of the humans and slaughtered everyone who set foot into their forest without permission. Many wars were fought over the many centuries following, fought with powerful magic by the elves. Not one step into the interior was ever gained by the humans, but neither did the elves ever leave their forests, and so the humans withdrew, defeated, and regrouped for the next attack. After countless deaths, Khan Azag negotiated a peace with the elves. He agreed to respect the forest to all eternity, which was the only demand the elves had, and negotiations were short. Both Mun and Hampy agreed to keep that ancient promise when the Khaganate fell apart.


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 CapitalPopulationAreaRuled by
Chang ProvinceChang31,4541,592
Gwang IslandGwang55,7004,432
Jeonguk ProvinceYeong27,2831,576
Yeoguk Swamp9028