Thobocal Richard

From Dragon Eye Atlas

house Thobocal
born 33 AV
died (alive)
father Thobocal Archibald
(11 JL - 52 JL)
mother Susan Galia
(? - ?)
spouse Radgety Ophelia
sex male

Master Richard is the ruler of Akingea in Palan and member of the Thobocal clan. He is a gifted elementalist who found a secondary interest in governing and was announced lord of Akingea in 63 AV (946 Palan calendar) by his predecessory, Serkal Konjo, who thought of rulership as a burden and wanted to focus again on his magical studies and experiments.

Richard is fairly ordinary by looks, and surrounds himself with young mages whom he advises and trains - some rumours say not just in the art of magic.

He takes his responsibilities seriously and enjoys governing, judging and planning. So much in fact, that he has an agreement with elderly Tostrabe Drosta, lord of the neighbouring Mugyororo Region to take care of some of his duties, especially the more taxing judge duties. As a result, once a month a "foreign court" is now held in Mekezisi for Mugyororo affairs, and every three months Richard travels to Mugyororo for a week to oversee matters there.

Richard married Radgety Ophelia in 64 AV, shortly after becoming lord of Akingea. She is the younger sister of Radgety Dashiel, one of the members of the Council of Twelve that rules Palan. Even though it seems to be a marriage of love to all observers, some anyway consider it a political union.

Note that his mothers name does not follow the Kiswaili naming scheme as she is from Sila.