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Type city
Elevation 665 m
Population 4600
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Faith of Nesra
Realm Fonticia
Province Brocaluso

Vinisponeria is a small Fontician border city on the road towards Grengen. It is located less than 10 km from the border to Alheimia and within the foothills of the Eirkada Mountains. Almost 700 metres above sea level, Vinisponeria is high enough to have snow for several months during winters.

The city is built along the Ponsarotafer river, at its headwaters. The river is small here, navigable only by small boats. Where the bridge of the city crosses it, the river is less than 10m wide.

To the south and east of the city, the foothills rise more than a hundred metres above the city, giving it a mountaineous atmosphere.

Vinisponeria is also the capital of the tiny Brocaluso earldom, one of the smallest provinces of Fonticia.

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