Perquino Land

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Area 23076 km2
Population 366520
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Fonticia
Capital Perquino

The cradle of Fonticia and today a border province towards Schap whose north has seen plenty of war and destruction, with many settlements still in ruins.

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Cultures: Tallian (100 %)

Religions: Seogism (95 %) Ebronism (5 %)

Biomes: Temperate deciduous forest (66 %) Temperate rainforest (22 %) Grassland (12 %) Wetland (0 %)

Goblin Plague

While the north of the province is ravaged by war, the south of Perquino is infested by Goblins. They live in the forests, hunting and digging holes and occasionally stealing livestock or attacking farms or small villages. In the grand scheme of things, they are a nuissance at most, but to the villagers living there, they are a constant danger.

The Dwarven Keeps

As part of the defense of the province and capital, the late King Ledwig had ordered the construction of 8 castles along the border from the dwarves of Alheimia. One of them, Virrar Keep was razed by Schap forces before construction was finished, and instead of rebuilding it, a replacement, Gendor Keep was built about 10 km west of the ruin. Counting Gendor Keep, five of the dwarven keeps are located in Pestia to the east, while three are in Perquino.

Points of Interest